In a world with so many street wear brands we do things to try to stand out.  We try to stay away from screen printing because anyone can screen print or embroider a T-Shirt or Hoodie. A lot of our collection is sewn on if you look closely.


Even our packaging is unique we ship our items in individually packaged biohazard bags that are actually to grade. Our bags are actually used for transporting storing and disposing of biohazard waste. We even go the full length and put that biohazard bag inside a real to grade biohazard bin. Yea it’s not the most cost effective method in fact it’s actually really expensive but we do it to tell a story through our pieces and really make you feel like you are apart of the theme. 


A lot of thought goes into our pieces even down to the small details on a shirt, if you notice a lot of our pieces have a large patch at the bottom right side of the shirt or sweater. This is no regular patch it’s an actual biohazard check list for PPE or protective wear. Even down to our tags we carry our theme they read CAUTION! With a biohazard symbol beside it.